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The Art of Artists’ Books

by Annabel Clarke

Artists’ Books occupy a unique position within contemporary art, they are simultaneously an art object – comparable to a painting, sculpture or video – but are also often cheaply produced and widely distributed.

They are not exhibition catalogues or books about a particular artist. They are books by artists.

They allow artists to explore ideas and communicate to a potentially huge audience. If we look at the activities of NYC based organisation Printed Matter we can see how serious this kind of production has become. They run a shop and gallery space, they produce large scale commercial fairs in high profile spaces in New York and Los Angeles and spend considerable time advising museums and private collectors on which artists books to invest in.

Coventry Biennial have generously been given multiple copies of artists books over the past few years, and we are delighted to be able to offer unique bundles of these as rewards on our current crowdfunding campaign.

Artists books often take diverse forms (often as diverse as contemporary art itself), so we are particularly delighted to be able to offer product catalogues, produced ahead of the 2015 Turner Prize by Liverpool based Granby Workshop alongside a risograph printed magazine by Birmingham based group Bermuda Collective and a CD of sound artworks by the Malaysian Space Gambus Experiment.

There are many other intriguing artists books available and people choosing to support our crowdfunding campaign by pledging for this reward will receive a unique grouping of at least 4 different artist books by different artists and groups.

These bundles of artist books are listed as £10. Our crowdfunding campaign runs until Saturday 6 October 2018. Visit our Kickstarter page to pledge your support.  

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by Annabel Clarke

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