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Freee Art Collective

by Annabel Clarke

Freee Art Collective is made up of artist/academics Andy Hewitt, Mel Jordan and Dave Beech. Their work takes the form of expanded publishing, they produce slogans which divide opinion as they occupy a variety of public spaces from posters and billboards to football pitches, bus stops and the body.

The work which Freee Art Collective produce has a politics all of its own, rooted in dialogue they attempt to form community through agreement and disagreement. Their works frequently take the form of printed manifestos, sculptural kiosks, spoken word choirs and what they call the “bodily endorsement of slogan”.

The scarves which they produce are perfect examples of this bodily endorsement. You wear the message and carry it with you wherever you go. It warms you.

Freee Art Collective have exhibited their projects internationally at spaces including ICA London, the Istanbul Biennial and SMART Project Space in Amsterdam.

We are delighted to be able to offer 3 knitted scarfs from their POSTLANDLORDISM series as rewards on our current crowdfunding campaign. Two of these are in pink and grey and read “There is no housing shortage, only the monopoly of property” and we also have one in black and green which reads “Homes not Property”.

With the days getting colder, this is the perfect time to voice your opinion on the housing crisis and to support artists from Coventry and Warwickshire at the same time!

Scarves by Freee Art Collective are listed at £50 and our Kickstarter runs until Saturday 6 October.

To pledge, please visit our Kickstarter page.

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by Annabel Clarke

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